Boo - Pro Lash Lifting Kit
*Download the E-manual Maximizing cream is an innovative treatment that has been taking the international cosmetic industry by storm. The Maximizing cream is an extra step after keratin lash lift that helps lash growth and overall health of the lashes. This...
Boo - Basic Lash Lifting Kit
*Download the E-manual  *Before purchasing, please note that the kit is strictly made for professional use only and comes with BASIC instructions not a full training.  What's included Lifting cream 10ml Setting cream 10ml Moisturizing cream- 10ml This kit can...
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Boo - Individual Solutions
*Download the E-manual *Before purchasing, please note that the kit is strictly made for professional only and comes with BASIC instructions not a full training.  Please select your desired solution. STEP 1 - Lifting Cream STEP 2 - Setting Cream STEP...
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Boo - 3B Shields
*Before purchasing, please check the size chart as this item has been upgraded. These 3B-Shields are shorter (width-wise) and thinner than the most common shields in the market. It is useful for clients with short lashes but want a dramatic...
Boo - Silicone Brush
This Silicone angled brush is designed to be used when applying solution onto the lashes during the treatment. The silicone material will allow you to use the whole product that is applied on the brush without having them soaked up into the bristles...
Boo - 3B Tool
The newest lash lifting tool that will save your time! This is a must-have item if you are in the lash business. Click below to see this '3B Tool' in action! -Action 1 -Action 2  
Boo - 3B Glue
5ml 10-15 seconds drying time This 3B glue is perfect for professionals who want to shorten the treatment time. The drying time of this glue is 10-15 seconds. It will hold the lashes strong so that you never have to...
Boo - Slow Drying Glue
Water based 5ml: 50-60 seconds drying time  Click below to watch this glue in action  -Action 1 -Action 2 Have you experienced that the glue dries so fast that you have to keep adding more glue to separate lashes or straighten...
Boo - Glue Free Triangle Shields
Another game changer- No adhesive is needed anymore! Perfect for those clients with sensitive skin or for beauticians who don't want to take too much time on cleaning the eyelids. It comes in 5 different sizes and these extremely soft...
Boo - Deluxe Lash Balm
Deluxe Lash Balm- 30g The Deluxe Lash Balm can be applied between lifting and setting cream, this step will minimise the damage on the lashes EVEN MORE! The Deluxe Lash Balm is 30g and only requires one little scoop per treatment...
BOO - Glue Balm (30ml)
Glue Balm Click here to Watch how it works. INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: Apply it on the back of lash pads. Apply it on lash pads and gently place the lashes onto the pads. Once done with lash separation, apply another thin layer...
Boo - Lash Maximizing Cream 2.0
*Download the E-manual This maximizing cream - formally known as BTX - can be applied at the end of the lash treatment and it will strengthen as well as nourish the lashes with vegetable proteins such as wheat protein which does the...
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