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To be able to access a wholesale account with wholesale pricing please submit the following information below.

Wholesale FAQS

We've changed the way we offer Wholesale from Feb 2024. Please read below for frequently asked questions on how wholesale now works.

How do I buy Wholesale products from once my account is approved?

Once your account is approved you will receive an email with access to your wholesale account. From there you will be taken to an account portal which means you are now logged into your wholesale account!

From here you can then go back to our website and head to the wholesale section. Now that you are logged in this section should look different to how it did before with a list of products with discounted pricing.

You will see we no longer offer 'bulk packs' but simply the individual product at a wholesale price with a minimum order quantity of 5. If you do not add 5+ of a wholesale product to cart you will not be able to purchase the item at wholesale pricing and a message will display at checkout. Please make sure you are adding the correct qty.

What does MOQ of 5 mean?

As mentioned above we no longer offer bulk packs of 5 but simply the individual product at wholesale pricing with a Minimum Order Quantity of 5 Units per product (MOQ).

The pricing is automatically shown at wholesale pricing not RRP when logged into a wholesale account.

I already had a wholesale account but it's not letting me log in?

As of February 2024, all professional / wholesale accounts should have automatically carried across to our new Wholesale Portal! Please log in with the email associated with your wholesale account under 'Wholesale Login' if this does not work please submit a new wholesale request in the above form!

How do I log into my new wholesale account?

We have two account logins, normal accounts and wholesale accounts.

Please log in with the email associated with your wholesale account under 'Wholesale Login.'