Bella Beauty Rewards

Introducing Bella Rewards, a loyalty program created to give back to our Bella Babes as a thank you for your ongoing support and love for our store!

With Bella Rewards you can earn points, rewards, work your way up levels and so much more! Earn points on every order and then use them towards savings on future orders!

Since it’s launch we return thousands of dollars in points every single month to our Bella Rewards Members!!

Sign up now and automatically receive 100 points for joining!

Ways To Earn Bella Rewards

Earn 1 Point for every 1 AUD spent.

First Order

100 Points

Fifth Order

300 Points

Tenth Order

600 Points

Happy Birthday

350 Points


200 Points

Surprise Rewards

For Special Events!

Use your Points to apply discounts on your next orders.
Every 1 Points equals to 0.03 AUD.

You can also use your Points to apply
free shipping on your next order!

Our Rewards Levels

Level 1
Bella Babe
Level 2
Bella Bestie

After spending 1,500 AUD
Entry reward 834 Points

Level 3
Bella BFF

After spending 3,000 AUD
Entry reward1, 669 Points

Level 4
Bella Boss

After spending 7,000 AUD
Entry reward 5,000 Points
Lifetime reward 10% coupon

Refer a Brow Bestie!

Collect extra Bella Points when you refer a friend and they sign up and make an order with us.

  • 1

    Share your link

  • 2

    Your friend signup using your link

  • 3

    Your friend places an order

You get 250 Points (7.5 AUD)

They get 250 Points (7.5 AUD)

For every 1 friend you refer, you'll get an extra reward

250 Points (7.5 AUD)

Bella Rewards: Frequently Asked Questions

How do I start earning with Bella Rewards?

Simply create and account with Bella Beauty Professional and start earning! Make sure you are logged into your account or use the email associated with your account at checkout every time you place an order so you earn points!

You can then start redeeming your points for savings or shipping discounts!

How can I use my rewards points?

Once you start earning points you can immediately start redeeming your points for credit towards future orders!

Head to our Bella Rewards loyalty widget to see your point balance and how much you can redeem.

Where can I find my rewards account?

You can find our Bella Rewards widget on the bottom left of your device! On a desktop this will look like a widget with a heart that says Bella Rewards and on a mobile it will be a small heart icon!

I have an issue with my Bella Rewards account

Any issues regarding your Bella Rewards account, please send an email to and our team will get back to you as soon as possible!