ASH Education - Lamination Emotion Card (Custom Editable Design)

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ASH Education - Lamination Emotion Card (Custom Editable Design)
ASH Education - Lamination Emotion Card (Custom Editable Design)

Portable Mini Wax Heater

Wax your brows on the go with the latest arrival by Bella Beauty, The Mini Wax Heater!

USB C Powered + It's small portable size makes it the PERFECT accessory on the go for brow and lash artists or those needing a quick touch up at home!

Take this baby with you to masterclasses, on vacay, in the car, home - you name it!

Bella Education!

Check out our selection of Education products and online training now! At Bella Beauty Professional we are committed to providing brow and lash artists with everything they need and that includes education and up skilling!

Education Manuals, Masterclasses, Mini Tutorials, Brand Reviews and much more!

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Bella Beauty Pro - Mini Wax Heater

About ASH Education

Welcome to ASH Education, founded by a dynamic trio of leading brow artists: Anthea, the visionary owner of Bella Beauty Professional; Shay, the innovative mind behind The Naked Brow; and Helina, the talented owner of Bareface Brows By Helina. Drawing from their vast expertise and years of experience in the industry, Anthea, Shay, and Helina are united with a shared mission—to create a global community of brow artists through transformative educational experiences.

Meet Anthea, the driving force behind Bella Beauty Professional—an embodiment of artistic flair and ever-growing understanding of beauty products, Co Founder of the world's leading Brow and Lash Supply Store.

Shay's groundbreaking techniques and trendsetting approach have revolutionised brow artistry, challenging the "one size fits all" approach. With 2500+ online and in-person students already influenced, she empowers brow artists to embrace their unique creativity and individuality.

Meanwhile, Helina's mastery of precision and dedication to natural beauty has earned her a loyal following at Barefaced Brows By Helina. Most known for her innovative lamination technique, #BFBLAMI, which has earned worldwide acclaim and inspired countless students to adopt this transformative approach.

Together, as co-founders of ASH Education, they bring a wealth of knowledge, creativity, and innovation to the table. Their combined vision is to impact not only technical expertise but also the essence of community and collaboration to every student who embarks on the journey of brow artistry with ASH Education.

Whether you are an aspiring brow artist or an experienced professional looking to enhance your skills, ASH Education is here to support you every step of the way on your path to brow artistry excellence. Together, let's shape a brighter future for the world of eyebrows!

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