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Unless you live under a rock, you've probably seen Airbrush Brows everywhere on Instagram. Airbrushing has by far been the biggest brow trend of 2024, so Shay (@thenakedbrow) and I, like the good brow artists we are, wanted to do a deep dive into airbrushing to tell you all the pros and cons and whether Airbrushes are worth investing in. But first, for those who have been living under a rock, let's break down what an airbrush is and how it relates to brows:

What is an Airbrush?

At its most basic level, an airbrush is a tool that sprays liquid onto a surface using compressed air.

So, what are Airbrushed brows?

In the brow world, airbrushes are used to spray liquid hybrid dye, henna, or tint onto clients' eyebrows, staining both the skin and hair. This technique requires careful mapping of the brows with stencils or a thick mapping paste before the airbrush application, ensuring the results are as precise. Airbrushed brows are often favoured for their ability to create precise, defined brows with a lightweight feel and long-lasting results.

Let's cut to the chase...

Recently, we have received a few DMs and emails asking why Bella Beauty doesn't stock airbrushes. To be honest, I've been hesitant to stock them because, well… I didn't like Airbrushes.

I hear your gasps, and I want to preface this by saying this is completely my opinion; I know some brow artists absolutely love them, and I have seen some amazing results using airbrushes; however, when I've used the airbrush tool previously I found the it annoying to clean and stencils INCREDIBLY frustrating. Basically, I couldn't see myself using this every day. But, I will also be the first to admit that it would take a lot for me to deviate away from brushes. Trust me, Helina (@barefacedbrows) has tried to get me to be a tint stick girl, but I generally prefer to stick to what I know.

Admittedly, I did think this trend may "dye" out (wink wink). Still, the trend has persisted, so I decided (Shay @thenakedbrow forced me) to give airbrushing another go. This is how it went…

Airbrush Testing Time:

Shay and I forced Olivia (Bella Beauty's Socials girly) into the beauty chair. She has light brows with thick but sparse hairs. She prefers her brows to be taupe, which is perfect because Buff Brows has just brought out a new range of Liquid Hybrid Dyes and one is the colour Taupe! Here is her result:

Airbrush Brows in Taupe colour

The Ultimate Airbrushing Pros & Cons List

Airbrushing Pros and cons list. Pros: It was fun: I was not expecting to have so much fun - When Shay and I played with the Airbrush together, it was actually really fun to learn a new skill with a brow friend. We recommend testing out the Airbrush with your brow bestie!  Quicker Dye Application: Once brows are carved/mapped out, it is a super quick and easy application. When airbrushing consistently, you can master the art and reduce the time taken for mapping and getting the stencil in line.  Easy ombre brows: The Airbrush makes it simple to fade the front of the brow. Release the toggle to make the intensity of the spray softer, then gently pass the front of the brow.  Gorgeous Results: I have to admit the brows did look fantastic! The ombre effect was seamless. We were also playing with the new Liquid Hybrid Dye by Buff Browz, and the stain colours were perfect!  Great Content: Let’s be real the Airbrush does make super satisfying content for Instagram / TikTok. Plus, it’s great marketing for your business!  Cons  Constant Cleaning: One of my main reservations about airbrushes is that you have to clean the airbrush tool between every client to wash out the dye. If I were doing clients all day, I could imagine how annoying this would be.  One size template sticker does not suit all: Shock horror, brows come in all shapes and sizes! This means you will still have to map prior to application and then fiddle with the stickers! Plus, they are super annoying to apply.  The skin stain doesn’t last as long: We tested the dye on two models, one with dark brown brows and another with taupe. We found the dye faded slightly quicker when using an airbrush than a brush. From asking around other brow artists seem to be finding the same.  Uses more product: To ensure that both brows were coated evenly, we had to use more product than we usually would when using a brush. Also, a fair bit of product is lost because it goes on the stencil.  More Expensive: The cost of the airbrush tool plus the cost of the extra product starts to add up—especially compared to the cost of using brushes.

My Key Takeaways:

  • We want to play with the airbrush more: You know that feeling when you got a new toy as a kid? That's exactly the same feeling Shay and I got while testing the airbrush. We had so much fun testing it together and came away wanting to do more. Will get old eventually… possibly. Did we still have fun… definitely!
  • We can't fault the results: We were so obsessed with the finish, and the brows turned out gorgeous. With more practice, airbrushing could be a super fast alternative to using a brush, yielding similar results.
  • Stencils can kinda suck: On one hand, Shay had no problems putting her stencils on. She EFFORTLESSLY placed her stencils perfectly and barely had to move them. I, on the other hand, am considering starting a podcast called "Stencil Slander" some topics would include: "One size does not fit all", "Stencils vs Wax strips: are they the same thing?", "WHY ARE THESE THINGS SO F***ING ANNOYING", "The five stages of grief", "#SistersNotTwins", etc. So, you will need to try them out for yourself to see if you are a stencil lover (like Shay) or a hater (like me).
  • Thick Mapping Paste is a great alternative to stencils: After trying to adjust a stencil for the millionth time, I gave up and mapped with Thuya Mapping paste instead, and it worked an absolute treat! So, if you're a stencil hater like me, this is a great alternative so you don't get turned off airbrushing altogether. 

Would you use an airbrush again?

Yes, I would definitely use an Airbrush again as I want to improve my skills and speed. However, I would opt for mapping paste instead of stencils to avoid any frustration. Although I enjoyed airbrushing, it wouldn't be my first choice when working with clients as I prefer using my Bella Brushes (shameless self promo).

Shay, on the other hand, loved using the airbrush and would like to try it out on a week's worth of clients to see if it can become her go-to applicator. We both agreed that trying the airbrush for yourself is the best way to know if it suits your needs.

The Big Question: Will Bella be stocking Airbrushes?

Despite my best efforts I am coming around to Airbrushing… so yes! This is my extremely round about way of saying that we are now stocking Airbrushes at Bella Beauty Professional!

Airbrush Education

When prepping to use the airbrush, we bought the Airbrush Brow Masterclass by Rare Academy (also known as Jodie from @aurora_beautyparlour & Alyce from @freezebeautyco.bulimba). This masterclass was jam-packed with knowledge; here are a few things that were included:

  • Training Manual
  • Video Tutorials
  • Preparation
  • Aftercare Advice
  • Airbrush Application
  • Service Order
  • Ratios, Dilutions & How to Mix Up

  • Colour Cups - Metal vs Plastic
  • Caring for your Airbrush
  • Exclusive Facebook Group
  • Digital Downloads
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Lifetime Access
  • + So much more!

If you're looking to enhance your airbrushing skills, this masterclass is just what you need! Whether you're a beginner or simply in need of a refresher, this course will help you achieve stunning airbrushed brows. Trust me, I took the class with Shay and we were both blown away by the results. So, take it from us and sign up for this amazing masterclass today!

The Verdict

Both Shay and I had different experiences using the Airbrush, but we both agree that airbrushing it's definitely worth trying. With the right training and a brow bestie by your side, you can master airbrushing and achieve flawless results. So, if you want to learn a new technique or brush up on your skills, give airbrushing a go!

Anthea Vignoli the Founder of Bella Beauty Professional

The Author: Anthea Vignoli

Anthea Vignoli is the founder and CEO of Bella Beauty Professional. Before starting Bella Beauty she was a experienced brow artist with over 7 years in the beauty industry.

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