How Long Does a Brow Lamination Last?

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So, how long does a brow lamination last?

 With a proper aftercare routine, brow lamination typically lasts 6-8 weeks. However, the duration depends on factors such as the hair growth cycle and aftercare routine.

Key Duration Factors

Hair Growth Cycle:

Your natural hair growth rhythm plays a part in the brow lamination lifespan. Typically, laminated hair aligns with the standard brow growth cycle, spanning 6–8 weeks 🔄.


Now, let's talk aftercare – the MVP of brow longevity. The products you use post-lamination can be game-changers. Stay tuned for our aftercare tips and faves👇

Aftercare Tips

1. Keep those brows dry for 24 hours:  

The main reason we recommend keeping your brows dry for 24 hours is so step 3 (hydrating component) can absorb and lock hydration in the brows after a lamination service, ideally for 24 hours. This is why we recommend not getting the brows wet, so step 3 doesn’t wash off.

And if the wise words of Elle Woods can’t convince you not to wet your brows 24 hours after lamination, I can’t help you…

Elle Woods perm maintance applys to eyebrow laminations

2. Take aftercare seriously (it’s important):

I sense a collective groan, but let me tell you, chatting with your brow artist about aftercare is worth it. It's the best way to make your brows look better and stick around longer. And honestly, who wouldn't be thrilled about that? I know it takes a bit more effort, but with the right aftercare, you will get much more out of your brows. So give your brows a little love with a nourishing serum from our Lash Rescue x Bella Collab or Thuya Regeneration Cream. 

3. Stick to the Routine:

Consistency is 🔑. Stick to your aftercare routine, and your brows will thank you with gorgeous, long-lasting results.

4. Avoid the Rough Stuff:  

Be kind to your brows. Avoid harsh treatments or excessive rubbing – just let them live their best post-lamination life. So, there you have it! With a bit of love, you and your newly minted brows can live happily ever after (for approx 6-8 weeks 💖✨).

Must Have Aftercare Products

Brow Lamination FAQ's

Can I go swimming after a brow lamination?

Short answer:  We wouldn't recommend swimming for at least 24 hours after a brow lamination.

Long answer: We recommend keeping your brows dry for 24 hours so step 3 (hydrating component) can absorb and lock hydration in the brows after a lamination service, ideally for 24 hours. This is why we recommend keeping the brows dry, so step 3 doesn't wash off. So, keeping your brows dry for as long as possible is one of the best ways to make them look better and stick around longer. 

Additionally, if you plan on swimming in a pool, some chemicals could dry out your brows, which is not good after a chemical process like brow lamination. We want to stress trying to avoid pools for AT LEAST 24 hours after brow laminations. 

If you have to go swimming, pack some aftercare to reapply it immediately, brushing your brow hair back into place before applying. 

Do I need to brush/style my brows after lamination?

A common misconception about brow lamination is that they are effectively "glued in place". Although brow laminations break down the bonds in the hair to reshape them, it effectively makes them easier to style; it does not permanently freeze them into place. 

So yes, you will need to brush your brows after lamination. It is up to you if you want to style them using a brow gel or wax!

So, there you have it! Brow lamination isn't about turning your brows into stiff cardboard cutouts. It's about making your life easier and your brows lookin' fab. Just remember to show them a little post-lamination love, and you'll be rocking perfect brows in no time.

Can I fake tan before/after a brow lamination

A few people in the brow world recently have discovered that after brow laminations their brows love clinging to pigment and smells. Bella ambassador Shay (@thenakedbrow) applied fake tan the same night as she did a brow lamination. She discovered that her brows smelt like "burnt popcorn" for a week after application. 

Firstly, we want to preface this by saying we do not recommend using fake tanning products for 48 hours before or after a brow lamination service. But this is likely what would happen if you did: 


Again, we recommend not tanning for 48 hours before brow lamination for a few reasons: 

  • If you have self-tanned and have applied the pigment to your face or eyebrows or gotten a spray tan, the pigment has likely gotten into your eyebrows. If you get them laminated, the first chemical solution can strip some pigment, giving the eyebrows a red hue, and stripping the skin stain underneath, leaving a "racing stripe" across your eyebrows. 

If you are going to tan before getting your eyebrows done, we recommend getting Vaseline and covering your eyebrows to create a barrier between the tan and your skin. 


  • Do not try to put self-tan on top of a brow lamination in place of tint or dye; the colour will likely be too dark or turn red or green depending on the undertone of the tan. Additionally, because the bonds in the brow have been broken down, they cling to smells and pigments (aka, your brows will smell like fake tan for a few days). 

If you do self-tan or spray tan after a lamination, cover the brows so pigment and smells do not cling to them. We recommend Vaseline or Noemi Argan Cream.

My brow hairs look fried after a lamination - What do I do?

Are your brow hairs looking fried after a lamination treatment? There are two possible explanations:

1. Lack of Aftercare: Following a chemical process similar to a perm, your brows require some extra care. Without proper aftercare, they may become dry and appear frizzy. Applying a nourishing aftercare product will help replenish moisture and restore their flawless look.

2. Over-processing: Over-processing can occur, especially if it's your first time undergoing a lamination treatment or if you're doing it yourself. Predicting the processing time for each brow hair can be challenging due to variations in thickness. Signs of over-processing include frizziness or a 'curly' appearance. To address this, prioritise aftercare products like Noemi Argan Cream or Thuya Regenerating Cream. Consistent application will aid in rehydrating and rejuvenating the hair. 

How long does a brow lamination last?

With a proper aftercare routine, brow lamination typically lasts 6-8 weeks.

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