How to Achieve the Perfect Brow/Skin Stain?

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Achieving the perfect brow stain is very dependent on the brow artist, the client's skin/hair type and the desired result, but here are our best tips to create the crispiest brow stain imaginable:

How to achieve the perfect brow/skin stain?

Do your research:

Read the manual for your chosen product and invest in educating yourself about the product for the best results.

Prep your brows:

Using a brow shampoo/cleanser and primer will remove any dirt, makeup or dead skin cells whilst helping to prep the brows for the dye application, laying the groundwork for a longer-lasting skin stain.

To layer or not to layer:

Find out if the product works better with layering (like Bronsun) or one even layer (like Noemi), as this can drastically change the result.

Follow the recommended ratio:

Mix tint/dye in the recommended ratio with the developer (usually 50/50)

Thuya brow tint application

Darker = Longer lasting:

As a rule of thumb, the darker the colour, the longer the skin stain will be.

Stamp👏 it 👏in👏 :

Apply the product by stamping it into the brows with a brush or tint stick.

Have a play: 

Don't get discouraged if the tint/dye doesn't look great on the first try! Keep trialling and testing until you get the hang of the colours and processing times. Trying something new can sometimes be a little frustrating, but it can also be really fun and exciting, so keep at it!

Using these tips should get you a crispy, even skin stain! But if you're still stuck, we have heaps more tips and info on a wide range of brands on our Education Page as well as on our Instagram, so check those out!

Alternatively, if you have a specific question, ask the Bella Brow Chat Facebook Group, where a community of enthusiastic brow professionals is ready to assist and engage in helpful discussions. 🧡

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How long does brow tint last?

How long a brow tint lasts is dependant on a few factors like the thickness of your brows, tint brand, application method and aftercare routine. Though, Brow tint typically lasts 7-14 days on the hair and up to 5 days on the skin.

How long does brow dye/hybrid dye last?

Eyebrow dye or hybrid dye is a more intense and longer-lasting colouring treatment than tints.

  • Last for up to 7-10 days on the skin
  • Typically lasts for 6-8 weeks on the hair

Please note: These timings are what we have experienced but can vary depending on the brand and application. If you want more specific details check the brand's website for more information. 

What is the best application method for brow dye?

There are a lot of different dye application methods - it often differs between brow artists. 

Though some brow artists love tint sticks or other applicators, we can't go past our trusty brushes (specifically our Bella Brushes). We start toward the middle of the brow then apply the tail. Continue stamping the dye in then apply the front of the brow last. We find this gives us the best result with a beautiful front fade. 

For more in-depth tutorials about our dye application methods visit our Education page above!

Does dye stain faster after lamination?

Yes, brow dye does tend to stain quicker after a lamination. 

What is hybrid dye?

What is Hybrid Dye?

Hybrid brow dye earns its name by combining the colour intensity of henna with the user-friendly application and quick results typically associated with a tint. Additionally, hybrid dye colours both the skin and hair, creating a tattoo-like appearance that lasts for a few days after application and gradually transitions to a more natural look.

How does Hybrid Dye differ to Tint and Henna?

Unlike conventional tints or henna that merely coats the outer layer of hair follicles, hybrid dyes go a step further by penetrating the entire hair follicle. Hence, dyes like Noemi don't wash out as they permanently colour the hair until it naturally grows out. This treatment will give you a fuller eyebrow with a bolder and longer-lasting effect than your standard tint.

How long does a brow lamination last?

So, how long does a brow lamination last? With a proper aftercare routine, brow lamination typically lasts 6-8 weeks. However, the duration depends on factors such as the hair growth cycle and aftercare routine.

Key Duration Factors

Hair Growth Cycle:

Your natural hair growth rhythm plays a part in the brow lamination lifespan. Typically, laminated hair aligns with the standard brow growth cycle, spanning 6–8 weeks 🔄.


Now, let's talk aftercare – the MVP of brow longevity. The products you use post-lamination can be game-changers. Stay tuned for our aftercare tips and faves👇

Aftercare Tips

1. Keep those brows dry for 24 hours: 

The main reason we recommend keeping your brows dry for 24 hours is so step 3 (hydrating component) can absorb and lock hydration in the brows after a lamination service, ideally for 24 hours. This is why we recommend not getting the brows wet, so step 3 doesn’t wash off.

2. Take aftercare seriously (it’s important):

I sense a collective groan, but let me tell you, chatting with your brow artist about aftercare is worth it. It's the best way to make your brows look better and stick around longer. And honestly, who wouldn't be thrilled about that? I know it takes a bit more effort, but with the right aftercare, you will get much more out of your brows. So give your brows a little love with a nourishing serum from our Lash Rescue x Bella Collab or Thuya Regeneration Cream. 

3. Stick to the Routine: 

Consistency is 🔑. Stick to your aftercare routine, and your brows will thank you with gorgeous, long-lasting results.

4. Avoid the Rough Stuff:  

Be kind to your brows. Avoid harsh treatments or excessive rubbing – just let them live their best post-lamination life. So, there you have it! With a bit of love, you and your newly minted brows can live happily ever after (for approx 6-8 weeks 💖✨)

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