Kenzina Eye and Lip Duo
 1 x Kenzina Eye Masks & 1 x Kenzina Lip Masks included This duo includes Kenzina Rejuvenating Eye Mask jar (30 pairs) and delicious Kenzina Plumping Lip Masks (24 sets) for targeted multi-masking. Hydrate and plum your lips while restoring and  rejuvenating...
Kenzina Rejuvenating Eye Masks 30 pairs
1 tub included - 30 pairs Kenzina Rejuvenating Under-Eye Masks are the most luxurious under-eye patches! These shimmery pink eye masks contain coconut and peppermint extract for instant hydration, cooling, soothing and depuffing of the under-eye area. Our Kenzina Rejuvenating Eye...
Kenzina Plumping Lip Masks 24 Sets
1 tub included (24 sets) Kenzina Plumping Lip Masks hydrate, soothe dryness and instantly smooths and visibly contours the lips, and makes them plumper! Kenzina Lip Masks come in a container of 24 pairs, providing a more sustainable packaging solution....
Kenzina Freezable Eye Mask
Sustainable and biodegradable full-eye area cover gel ice pack to depuff and refresh the eye area. This mask is also great to soothe the skin around the brows after waxing services! The Kenzina Reusable Frozen Eye Mask is filled with...
Kenzina Face Roller & Gua Sha 2-in-1
The Kenzina 100% Genuine Rose Quartz Crystal Face Roller and Gua Sha 2-in-1 is the only one of its kind! Kenzina has combined the roller and Gua Sha in one tool to help you perform facial massages with cool and soothing 100% Genuine Rose Quartz...
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